how does oe buy your fabric wallet and what’s the cost pls?




it takes two to tango…


i wonder and ponder…when it comes to finally exhibiting your labor of love to the audience you labored for(!)

how do we get “our baby “to the theatres???or does it end up being “stillborn”!

Are you thinking i have lost it cos i am starting ulta-pulta( topsyturvy) from the wrong end?

here lies  the  total eclipse of the heart!

So unless the distributor and investor hold hands…theres no fizz in the soda!

Its not possible for low budget films to afford the fat renumeration of ” stars”…even if we make a “quality film” where are the takers?How many producers invest again??Where do they disappear???Has anyone taken a survey????

What is the solution??? I still wonder…

where do i begin….?

How long does it last
Can love be measured by the hours in a day…

When I think of my present state in life,I can only think of andy williams and his soulful voice fills my entire being…

My tryst with filmdom can be capsuled by this song…

Its such a magical feeling …that we have the power to turn 2 hours  into 2 minutes, “dil maange more” the way we can entertain people world over and make them forget their worries and cares…and go back to real life from reel life rejuvenated!

but alas…somehow the present kollywood scenario is making me 😦

I would like to elevate indian cinema especially regional cinema to unthinkable heights!

Please give me your valued support to enrich tamil film world…

will be posting all my random thots that come to me…and would like your feedback…straight from your heart!

the more the merrier…

help me give a new meaning to this movie filled mind of mine!



Hello world!

Hi all you wonderful people out there

I am a novice at this, albeit a “kaju”(over enthu) one!

Lend me your hand so together we can elevate indian cinema:) thats my mission possible!